The Attic, Fremantle


We made our way upstairs to ‘the Attic’ of this little cafe, filled with rustic objects from the streets, yet they somehow have a quaint charm.. The Attic. Tucked away from the busy Fremantle streets, this cafe offers Middle Eastern styled breakfasts as well as delicious “normal” breakfast fare, lunch and other home made delights including amazing looking cakes! (Note: will be coming back to try some). IMG_5335Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lexie, Myself, Em


The mum’s couldn’t go long without their morning coffees so needless to say they didn’t need to peruse the drink options..IMG_5314

The girls and I decided however to try some of The Attic’s delicious juices and lassi’s.. On the left, Lexie’s banana and honey lassi (which was pretty much a banana smoothie, although made with what tasted like natural yoghurt – so a bit more sweetness would have been nice), the middle drink was my Uplifter juice filled with apple and pear amongst other things.. And finally Em’s juice which is pink. Unfortunately that is all I can remember about it – but really that’s all you needed to know yeah?…


Em’s breakfast looked absolutely amazing – mushrooms with cinnamon, cummin seed & white cheese on sourdough.. cinnamon you ask? We weren’t sure either but it worked!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I was so indecisive today! There were so many things I wanted to try, but I finally settled on the Open Quesadilla filled with black beans, goats cheese, fried egg, white sauce and avocado.. Oh boy was it a good decision, I am a sucker for anything mexican and this was absolutely delishhh..IMG_5321

Mum and Lexie were presented with their Shakshouka, served on a wooden board, with an iron pan filled with baked eggs hidden beneath fresh rocket. However, having tried a lot of dishes like this in other breakfast spots, we were a little disappointed with this one, as the flavour fell a bit flat!


Creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs served on top of delicious crusty rye toast with the addition of chorizo sausage? winning combination. A big enough serving that wasn’t  over-the-top-this-is-uncomfortable-to-look-at, but not going to keep your stomach rumbling half an hour later.


Now as you probably know by now, I have lots of problems deciding between sweet and savoury – today both!!! We finished off our breakfast with banana “bread” which was more like a cake consistency – but equally as delicious!!


And now it is all gone.. A sign of a good breakfast!!! One of Fremantle’s great little hidden secrets –  worth a visit.


16A Bannister Street, Fremantle

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